1 Jan 2012

Hexapod Robot with 2 DOF legs (degree of freedom)

First Motion, Legs flexibility:

stalker is dead... but the body and components are preserved well, so I decided to reuse them and therefore Mini is born.

Lastest update (12/01/2012)

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I just love working with Styrene plastic when building small robots... so flexible and shapable!

although it could take a while to cut and get good at it, but it's definitely a very good choice for people with small budget!

Here is a very good site selling them, it's the cheapest I have found so far (let me know if you know anywhere else cheaper ; )
Styrene Sheet (Plasticard) from Station Road Baseboards)

In this one, I basically reused all the servos and parts from the Stalker, the only things I need to rebuild was the base and the legs..

I hope I can work out some more gaits and moves soon and get it uploaded on youtube.
In the mean time, I will be working on the serial communication program to talk to the robot from the PC ; )



Mini can be now controlled by a VB program via USB connection, check here


further modification to the leg:

it's now more stable as the legs are tougher and lighter, more importantly it looks cooler!


Wrote a few more commands files today, works quite well ; )

See 2nd video from the top.

That's it! no more 2DOF hexpad, I will modify it into 3DOF per leg, and start to think about IK and trigonometry!