31 May 2012

Weibo Security System (IR sensor, arduino, php, VB)


I am renting at the moment but doors have no locks, so i am planning to build a system that sends me a warning whenever the doors is cracked open. I am think to use Weibo (twitter in China), and email. it will also activate the CCTV system and start recording.

The following is the diagram that roughly explains how it works.

现在租房,但门没有锁所以打算做个微博警报器,门要是一打开,电脑就会发微博并 @梁小航OSCAR (我)。原理大概像这图吧,画得不好。最难的部份:用第三方软件发微博的代码已经拼出来了,下一步就是写 PHP 跟 VB 的 interface,最后就写 Arduino跟sensor的代码。。