27 Dec 2011

How to use Ultra Sonic sensor (HC-SR04), demonstration with LCD.


the HC-SR04 is different from most of those commonly seen on the market, which have 4 pins compared to 3 pins. But the operation principle is the same, transmit signal, and depends on when the signal is received to estimate the distance.

21 Dec 2011

"Stalker" -- Quadruped Robot Project

Quadruped Robot Project -- The Stalker

Inspired by the fighting unit "Stalker" in Starcraft.

Project has been re-created and being maintained on this page:

20 Dec 2011

"Wally" -- IR Detection Robot enhanced version V2



1. rebuild Tracking Head with Styrene plastic, to replace the cardboard one.
2. introduced libraries for motor control, and IR sensor, to increase user-friendliness
3. improved object-following algorithm, introduced "object-avoiding" as well.

16 Dec 2011

"Wally" -- IR Detection Robot V1

I will update the functionality of this robot, and upload some videos.


Object following:

bad points:
1. head needs to be rebuild with better material for more smooth performance.
2. coding needs improvement.

14 Dec 2011

IR detection and Photo Transistor Testing


IR is invisible to human eyes. 
There are two main frequency IR emitters are used: 850nm and 950nm. however for detector, the detectable range covers both frequencies.

9 Dec 2011

Building a 2 dimensional moving Servo (for mounting Sensors on)


This one hasn't got too much technical stuff involved, all the operations are from previous tutorials. The main things would be the turning head that I made purely from cardboard, and a couple of screws.

7 Dec 2011

DIY: build your own motor driver!

What does it do:

it will take an external power supply and drive up to two 5V DC motors (suitable for most of the homemade robots). Each motor can be controlled by 2 input signals to run clockwise and/or counter clockwise.