9 Dec 2011

Building a 2 dimensional moving Servo (for mounting Sensors on)


This one hasn't got too much technical stuff involved, all the operations are from previous tutorials. The main things would be the turning head that I made purely from cardboard, and a couple of screws.

I am such a environmentalist! i think it would be a better idea to use something more professional, as cardboard bring bigger frictions when it's turning, and that adds extra burden on the servo and thus less durable battery. But I am happy with what I have got here! ; )

One server on X-axis (left right),the other on Yaxis (up down)

I used super clue to stick the round gear on the cardboard.. there is no way the screw that comes with the servo could be fixed on the cardboard... =.=

it works fine! i think i will just stick with it for now until I move on to the plastic or even metal version!